Like Good Comped Drinks and Video Poker? Try These Two Casinos

Even if you’re a low roller, don’t ignore the high limit room.

Video poker playing cocktail fanatics have bemoaned the loss of Cosmo’s drink ticketing system. It wasn’t a hit when installed, but a generous policy allowed players to combine tickets for high-valued drinks. Cosmo’s bar top machines have switched to the now popular light system. Word is you can still get drinks valued at up to $20, which is still a fair cocktail return to player, but it’s quite a fall from its prime, which saw players actually taking bottles to go, much like redeeming a handful of tickets at an arcade. Granted, the prizes were much better than a bookmark or knockoff action figure. If Cosmo’s new policy has you bummed, consider these two other options:

Resorts World

Resorts World gets a mixed bag of reviews. One thing in the casino’s favor is its video poker comp policy. At Cyrstal Bar, which is the main, center casino bar, players betting at least $1 per play can get comped up to $24, which includes their signature Genting Old Fashioned and features a Highland Park 12 yr, a respectable scotch. I normally suggest playing max credits for quarter video poker ($1.25), but the $1 per play/spin accommodates other games on the bartop.

Old fashioned cocktail on a marble bar.
Comped Genting Old Fashioned

Resorts World’s High Limit Bar takes things up a notch. I’ve talked with several people who raved about their generous comp policy. The High Limit Bar comps up to $25, but the VP minimum is $1 per credit, so quite a bit more than Crystal Bar just steps away. But, if you’re normally playing $10 per spin, you can get comped drinks up to $100 in value. This opens the door to some compelling spirits. Thanks to Adam (great name BTW) for this report.

This certainly seems like a stretch of the budget for most and I understand that. If it is too much, sticking with Crystal Bar is still a solid bet.

Red Rock

Red Rock’s revamped high-limit space did more than update some terminals, it unveiled a generous comp policy as well. @Turbulencetoo visited the bar recently and shared that the bar has the light system and when playing $7.50 a push, when the light was on, he was comped all drinks up to $100 in value. This includes all but one of their specialty cocktails. Yes, they have a cocktail that costs $175. He didn’t test at any denomination of play lower than $7.50 a play. So it may work at a lower cost, but we have yet to confirm this.

Red Rock High Limit Bar cocktail menu.

Turbulencetoo also reported that the bartenders have some flexibility with the comp system. For instance, if you wanted a high-end pour of a spirit that costs over $100, they could comp that $100 and you would just pay the remainder. So if you wanted a taste of something that costs $140, you’d be charged $40. Red Rock is popular among locals, but this may be the boost some video poker players need to finally take the trip off-Strip.

My main approach to casino gambling is enjoying the atmosphere and a good drink. I’m not going to get a quality drink at a $10 blackjack table. Yes, video poker does churn through more hands per hour, so it’s up to you to balance the value proposition here. I wouldn’t extend your budget just for a drink, but if you’re a fan of video poker and want something with substance, give these two casinos a try.

Thanks to both Adam and @Turbulencetoo for sharing. Let me know if you find any other good spots out there.

Adam Bauer

Writer, gambler, famous travel influencer. Proud sponsor of the American Society for the Prevention of Bloggers.

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Adam Bauer

Writer, gambler, famous travel influencer. Proud sponsor of the American Society for the Prevention of Bloggers.

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