Examining Vegas’ “Unwritten Rules” According to a Vlogger

You likely don’t know many of Vegas’ unwritten rules unless you’ve ever read a penal code.

I like to travel to the land of “Vegas Baby” as often as I can, but for newcomers, it can seem like a new world. There are so many of those pesky casino rules. I’m glad someone finally decided to talk about the litany of unwritten rules. Jacob’s Life in Vegas is a popular Vegas vlogger. In his video below he broke down these supposed “unwritten” rules. Below I’ll break down his breakdown. In the comments, you can break down my breakdown of his breakdown. Surely one of us will have a breakdown before the end of it.

Rule 1: Bring cash with you

Yes. You should probably do this. Though, if you gamble enough, establishing a line of credit with your casinos of choice is a solid plan. It’ll keep you from having to carry too much cash.

Rule 2: Keep your $50 bills at home.

“Do not ever handle a $50 bill when you’re in Vegas”. This is a superstition. I’ve done it and I’ve never seen any casino cashier, dealer, or other player balk at it.

Rule 3: Don’t count at the table

“Never count your money at the table.” This is flat-out dumb advice. No one finds it rude. Who wrote the copy for this video, Kenny Rodgers? You absolutely want to know how much you have at any given time. Setting win and loss limits are both fine money management strategies. You don’t have to flaunt your chips, but doing periodic counts is smart.

Rule 4: Gamble found money

“If you find money on the floor of a casino, you have to gamble it.” Also no. You’re getting into an ethical and potentially legal conundrum here. There will be people on both sides of the argument, but the idea that you have to gamble found money is baseless.

Rule 5: Tip well

I agree with Jacob on this. Please do. The employees deserve it.

Rule 6: Expect to lose

Sound advice. Winning is fun, but proper expectations will help keep your casino trips stress-free.

Rule 7: Don’t peek at gamblers

It depends. If you’re too close and commenting on their play, it’s definitely a nuisance. But at peak times in crowded casinos, standing by tables is common, especially if you’re waiting for a spot to open up. But in general, I agree.

Rule 8: New players should stick to low stakes

This is smart advice, though certainly hard to find on the Strip right now. If you’re new, I’d say pick a game or two, learn the rules as well as you can, and find some lower-stakes tables in a casino you enjoy. Pai Gow Poker is perfect for people who know poker hands and want to dip their toes in some casino action.

Rule 9: Don’t over-celebrate

Perhaps at the poker table or if you’re playing the ‘don’t’ at craps, but most of the time, it’s everyone against the house. Don’t overdo it with colorful language, but casinos like it when it’s lively. Enjoy yourself.

Rule 10: Don’t start fights

This isn’t an unwritten rule. It’s a law. It’s actually written down. At a minimum, it’s a breach of peace, which is a misdemeanor.

Rule 11: Avoid prostitutes

Also an actual law that’s written down. Prostitution is legal in several Nevada counties, but not Clark County where Las Vegas is located. Jacob actually has the word “illegal” stamped on the video for this one. So he seems to know there is writing to support this. Ok, how about we get another one out of the way:

Unwritten rule 11.b. Don't murder anyone. It's just a vibe killer, y'all. 

Rule 12: Don’t count cards

Casinos don’t like it and, he’s right, they can kick you out if you’re a known, solid counter, but Vegas newbies aren’t good enough for casinos to care. Go give it a try if you think you’re good enough. Good luck finding a table with good rules if you’re on a tight budget.

Rule 13: Stop yelling “Vegas Baby!”

I hate to say this, but I agree with a vlogger 100%.

Rule 14: Don’t go swimming in the Bellagio fountains

Yes, another one of those unwritten rules that is usually written down as “trespassing”.

So, out of 14 rules, I disagree with 6. And 3 of them are just laws. But no one is perfect and some of these can be left open to interpretation. What do you think?

Adam Bauer

Writer, gambler, famous travel influencer. Proud sponsor of the American Society for the Prevention of Bloggers.


  • The dude has turned his vlogging into his full-time gig, no longer working the door at a strip club. I use to watch his video occasionally, but he is not good, and looking for the diamond in the turd ain’t worth it. He’s not smart, that’s for sure. Sorry, he’s not. But he’s making enough cash off of simple-minded YouTube viewers, so he doesn’t care what I think.

    • More power to anyone who can turn vlogging into a career. He’s got a good presence and, for his normal videos, some creative editing.

  • Here are some more:

    -Don’t go to the Gondola area of the Venetian and scream “Don’t do it!!” to every guy getting married on the water.

    -Don’t go to Hash House a Go-Go if you’re not starving

    -Do go to Casino Royale and badger them every day about bringing back table games

    -Do gamble at O’Sheas for the sole purpose of getting a Frozen Baileys

    -Don’t go to the line in front of the Harrah’s theatre to laugh at those who have tickets for Donny

    -Do not play credit card roulette at a restaurant when you are there with 10 friends 🙁

    -Do sit at a slot machine at the very back of the LINQ at 2 AM for an always interesting time

    -Don’t Go to Ellis Island and not eat the ribs and chicken

    -Do Not listen to the strip club limo pitch and get in

    -Do not eat at any restaurant with a celebrity name attached or you’ll pay 3X what you should pay

    -Don’t argue with the craps dealer on whether the on its side dice shows 7 or 4, else your tier points will suddenly disappear

    • – I think it’s fun to do once
      – Facts
      – Facts
      – Facts
      – Also true because you’ll be pestering my father
      – 90%+ isn’t terrible odds
      – I’ll trust you
      – Better than the steak special
      – Facts
      – Unless I get my own restaurant
      – So that’s why I have no points

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Adam Bauer

Writer, gambler, famous travel influencer. Proud sponsor of the American Society for the Prevention of Bloggers.

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