My Favorite Thing at Each Las Vegas Strip Casino/Resort

When it comes to the Vegas Strip, these are a few of Cheapskate’s favorite things.

Mandalay Bay

My affinity for Libertine Social is well documented, but I’ll cheat and say the weekday room deals for The Delano offered through American Express’ Fine Hotels and Resorts or Chase’s Luxury Hotel and Resorts Collection. They’re beautiful rooms at a great price. It’s a shame it’s not in a better location.


Simply walking in and looking up. I remember as a kid staring in awe at the splendor of the heavily themed, grand Pyramid. While MGM has taken efforts to de-theme the casino space, remnants of the ancient Egyptian motif remain.


The castle is just fun. The casino continues to offer a lively and place for south Strip low rollers to play.


I rarely visit this historic resort now, but I’m always transfixed by the glass ceiling above the gaming floor.


The theming, of course, but as a Guinness fan, I love the vibes and well poured pints at Nine Fine Irishmen.

MGM Grand

It’s hard for me to not say the pool. Cabanas can be had for fairly cheap on the right days. Plus, at least from my experience, their cost is a food and beverage minimum. So if a cabana costs $600, you simply have to spend up to that much in F&B. A good value for a nice day outside.

Park MGM

Thanks to my friend Han for introducing me to Best Friend, a bodega speakeasy with top-notch tacos from LA chef Roy Choi.


Most comfortable bed in all Vegas.


Great drinks and bad VP with a marvelous view at Chandelier. If I close my eyes I’m there.

Planet Hollywood

Underrated atmosphere. Just a fun place to play and hangout.


Le Central Bar. I don’t speak french, but it’s the bar in the middle of the casino and shopping area. Pretty, pretty, pretty.


The entrance has been obliterated, so I’ll go with the fantastic old fashioneds you can get playing VP at the main casino bar.


One of my favorite casinos. It’s a beautiful place to gamble. But the nice homage to the Bill’s era with the light fixture are tops for me here.


The sounds of the fountains, even if you’re not watching them, is a beautiful reminder of the splendor around you.


The original gaming pit sustains the aura of a Vegas we all long for.


Bugsy’s Bar bringing some neon flair inside. Neon in neon. I’m here for it.


The promenade is legitimately nice and features my go-to hat shop, Goorin Bros. How can I not?


I like both Oyster Bar and Fulton Street Food Hall, but the sportsbook is sizely and comfortable.

Harrah’s offers consistently low rates in a great location. Stay here, dine and play elsewhere.

Harrah’s Las Vegas Review – TFB

Casino Royal

The ease of the $20 Player Payback loss rebate for new players club members. If you’re bringing some Vegas noobs to town, it’s a good time on the cheap.

The Mirage

The beautiful atrium is a rare offer of natural light in an absolutely pleasant casino floor.

Treasure Island

Likely the best casino for low rollers on the Strip. I just wish it remained more piratey.

Venetian/Palazzo (We’re getting to the end and I’m tired so I’m combining)

I adore the lobby architecture, but I’m going with Rosina, which is as picturesque of a bar as I can imagine.


The Parsols. Up or down. Take your pick. Sipping expensive drinks in opulent digs is one the great Vegas pleasures.

Circus Circus

The steakhouse is fine.


They take the time to call out bloggers on their crap. Bazaar Meats is good too.

The Strat

Top of the World. A gorgeous rotating view of our favorite city.

What about you? Any standouts on the Strip for you?

Adam Bauer

Writer, gambler, famous travel influencer. Proud sponsor of the American Society for the Prevention of Bloggers.

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Adam Bauer

Writer, gambler, famous travel influencer. Proud sponsor of the American Society for the Prevention of Bloggers.

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