Cheap Poker Tournaments in Las Vegas

Know where to find inexpensive poker tournaments in Las Vegas so you can cut your teeth.

If you’re planning on playing low stakes poker in Las Vegas, then you’ll want to do it right – which includes getting the most of your money by playing in inexpensive tournaments. These aren’t hard to find if you know where to look. Here’s how and where to find the best deals on tournament poker in Las Vegas if you’re looking for an inexpenive way to cut your teeth on the felt.

How to find cheap tournaments

The Bravo Poker Live and Poker Atlas apps are going to be some of your best resources to navigate the Vegas tournament poker scene. Bravo has a number of features, but it’s tops for being able to see current and upcoming live games and tournaments. I find Poker Atlas easier to navigate and you don’t need to sign up/in to use it, so I prefer it when I want a quick scan of what poker rooms are offering.

What to look for

Of course, you want to focus on buy-ins that are appropriate for your budget. But looking at the tournament structure is important too. What are the starting stacks? How long are the levels? This will be important if you’re looking to stretch your dollar a bit. Of course, it really doesn’t matter for me, as I’m usually felted by level two.

Also, see how much of the buy-in is deducted as a fee, what the blind structure is, and if there is a prize pool guarantee. This can ensure making the trip is worth your time.

Where to find the cheapest tournaments

On the Strip


Most daily tournaments are $75 with 20k starting chips, 20 minute levels and a $500 guarantee.


All tournaments under $100 with some at $40. The $40 tournaments have a $300 guarantee with 10k starting chips and 15 minute levels.

MGM Grand:

Currently, all tournaments cost $100, with $75 going to the prize pool. Typical structure has 25k starting chips and 15 minute levels. Most with guaranteed prize pools, some as high as $5,000.

Caesars Palace:

Similar to MGM, you’ll find some $100 tournmanets with varying structures and guarantees. The 6 PM daily has 20 minute levels, 15k starting stacks and a $1,000 guarantee.


Yes, I’m calling this the Strip. The Monorail runs here, so it counts. The cheapest tournaments around. They’re as low as $35 with a 13k starting stack, 15 minute levels, but no guarantees.


Golden Nugget is the only casino downtown spreading live games, but they do not currently offer any tournaments.


South Point:

A great casino overall for low rollers. You can find many poker tournaments at $60 with a $1500 guarantee. Typically you’ll start with 12.5k in chips with 15 minute levels.

The Orleans:

Their 7:05 PM super stack Tuesday and Thursday tournments have a great structure. $100 buy-in, 25k starting stack and 20 minute levels with a $10,000 guarantee. Not a far trip from the Strip.

Poker Palace:

I don’t know how palatial the PP casino is, but they run a 6:30 PM $20 tournament daily. $10 goes into the prize pool, so it’ll feel like a high school home game. The price gets you 4k in starting chips with 15 minute levels.

Feature image courtesy of Sahara Las Vegas

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Adam Bauer

Writer, gambler, famous travel influencer. Proud sponsor of the American Society for the Prevention of Bloggers.

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